Pattern of the Month - September 1999

Cat Motif (2 shuttles)
1999 Lisa C. Trumble

A viewer, after seeing the Fish pattern for August 1999, asked for a cat pattern of any kind - as long as there were no split rings! <smile> This cat is the result and is a simple pattern overall; just start tatting at one of the eyes. The only piece that beginners may not have seen before is the act of joining to a picot on the same chain it was originally made. This technique is used for each ear and gives the double effect to the ear.

If you wet, starch, and pin this pattern to shape (pull out the ears to a peak and pin the cheeks out and down somewhat), you'll get the cat. If you don't shape it at all, it will actually look like a teddy bear. So this pattern is actually 2-in-1! Enjoy! -- Lisa

Each ear of the cat is made with only 1 long picot. Make the long picot, then the 4 ds. Next join to that long picot. By joining to the picot on the same chain, the picot will be arched over - doubled - so as to give the appearance of an inner and outer ear. If you choose, you can even snip the whiskers apart to make 4 single ones on each side.

Thread: Cebelia, Size 30, Dusty Brown
Dimensions: 1 inch wide x 1-1/2 inches high
Shape: Wet, starch, and pin.

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