Pattern - January 2009

Letters O, P, Q, R (2 shuttles)
2000 Lisa C. Trumble

Note: These were not fully tested (tatted), so the number of stitches may need to
be adjusted. Do a test piece first to check size and proportion.

Start at the indicated arrow.


Start at the indicated arrow.

Start at the inner ring, then do the main "O" shape second as a large ring around the small one. After closing, flip and make the small chain "tail" and finish with the small ring at the end of the tail.


The "R" is done in two parts, starting at the small ring on section A, then the chain, and then large bulb ring of the upper part of the letter.

Then, make the lower "V" shape, part B, starting at a small ring. Join at the peak of the "V" shape to the picot just under the "tail" on the upper letter shape.

Dimensions: Roughly 1-1/4 inches wide x 1 inch high
Shaping/Starching: Helpful for letters with "legs" or "tails."

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